Our Team

We Are Dedicated To Meet The Needs Of Our Clients

Our team members work at the heart of our mission to be the most approachable data analysis company in the energy industry. Each one of us delivers exceptional experiences to every client, every time.

Jen Cruz Hamlin


Jen’s expertise focuses on the ability to step back and gain a strategic view while at the same time dive into the data and truly understand details. She is a hands-on CEO and is involved with day-to-day functions at our company.

Oscar Cruz

Director of Technology

Oscar focuses on working closely with our clients to identify possibilities and opportunities within their data and along the way minimizing the decision making process by answering questions through visualization. 

Jose Hobart

Business Intelligence

Jose is an expert in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics with 10 years of experience as a planning director with a demonstrated background in the education industry. 

Huber Rodas


Huber is our Power BI Report Developer, responsible for connecting and visualizing any data using the Power BI platform. He is our bridge between data and decision-making.

Melissa Latournerie


Melissa is a creative professional with an understanding of people’s tendencies, preferences, needs, and wants. She creates and implements our marketing strategies.

Adam Tremblay

Program Director

Adam coordinates efforts between different projects and leads our overall program with strong attention to strategy, implementation, and delegation.

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