About Us

Take Advantage Of Your Company's Energy Data.

The purpose of IDA Energy is to help companies in the energy industry obtain a constant flow of data for accurate decision-making.

IDA Energy is a digital platform that can help you investigate a particular aspect of your company to lead you to wise decision making and the creation of more efficient strategies.

Our History

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Bow River Solutions Inc. provides Business Intelligence solutions that can bring your data to life.

IDA Energy was created by Bow River Solutions Inc. in April 2022 because we believe in using advanced technology to help your company improve its performance.

Since 2005, the objective of Bow River Solutions Inc. has been to seamlessly unite human and machine in a perfect interaction and integration. As a result, today we are one of the most respected companies in the Calgary analytics landscape.

What Can We Do For Your Company?

Minimize costs and times of data management.

Improve your experience with data flow.

Automate the preparation of reports.

Reduce duplicate or redundant information.

Create your own "single source of truth".

Establish a better communication between your employees and suppliers to improve collaboration and reduce work in silos.

Automate quality assurance processes in transformation and management of historical data.

Lay the foundation for predictive statistical analysis with an AI-oriented data structure.